Girl Details/女孩详细


Come from where 来自哪里:新加坡

Name 姓名 : baby(5221号)

Age 年龄 : 20 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36E

Room 包房

EAST (东部)

East 东部地区

$100Massage/60mins + 2HJ


Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!


新时代的诞生  大家可以选择新的产物 陌陌时代  带给你不同的人生  www.impmm49.com


       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-12-01 22:33Hank Says:
True to her photos, natural beauty, massage was nice but the real service is heavenly good
2023-11-24 20:22 Says:
2023-11-22 22:43Chris Says:
Overall GF feel is there. Pussy also tigh tight and get wet very easy
2023-11-20 16:48瑞安 Says:
2023-11-17 15:47hardy Says:
She is damn good. Great body and attitude
Can\t wait to fuck her again
2023-11-15 15:46Mot Says:
Looks better than ever! Would highly recommend to try her out. She is just sooooo amazing to fk. Pussy tight and wet.
2023-11-09 15:47圣力 Says:
2023-11-08 00:41Hoping Says:
Super experience girl. Totally wth the money. She has good smooth skin and smells good. Her BBBJ puts in efft, alot of action. Pussy is tight too. My money was well spent there. Booking again a few days soon hahha
2023-11-03 17:03Hilary Says:
a lot of water , very tight , very comftable to fuck , and her sound of the bed is very nice!
2023-11-01 19:58生哥 Says:
2023-10-30 20:53Hamiltion Says:
Not only she is beautiful and sexy. Her services are excellent as well. Highly recommended must try! She is the best of the best. Rated:10/10.
2023-10-26 11:51李贝 Says:
2023-10-24 15:53字晨 Says:
奶大 ,爽!
2023-10-23 00:17hardy Says:
willing to talk to you and treat you like boyfriend . 10/10 service , willing to RTF . take care her
2023-10-19 07:15鑫博 Says:
服务好 态度很好 推荐
2023-10-16 22:52章宇 Says:
2023-10-14 21:48老高 Says:
2023-10-13 21:02Dylan Says:
Attractive girl
2023-10-10 18:57茂名 Says:
2023-10-10 00:23Finn Says:
knows how to bbj well , will come back and look f her again
2023-10-08 08:37思埠 Says:
Back in bed, deepthroat in and out. Know how to control the speed. Licking, blowing and sucking you to make you enjoy
2023-10-07 12:00Philip Says:
Pretty girl
2023-10-06 09:06副教授 Says:
2023-10-05 09:39副教授 Says:
2023-10-04 18:52Matt Says:
The whole process, is totally no rush. Slow, sensual
2023-10-02 19:44权王 Says:
2023-10-01 14:17加武 Says:
2023-08-20 17:20Den Says:
The head massage is comftable, the blowjob skills are great, the looks are cute, the age is very young, the tongue rotates 360 degrees on my glans, and the deep throat is really cool
2023-08-16 21:13文哥 Says:
2023-08-10 12:34美好明天 Says:
2023-08-09 16:33毒龙王子 Says:
2023-08-04 01:37北极熊 Says:
2023-08-03 13:36兵哥哥 Says:
2023-08-03 11:15听妈妈的话 Says:
2023-07-28 12:54没有什么过不去的坎 Says:
2023-07-17 16:55You are doing good Says:
She is such a jewel, she have the looks and the charm that matches her skill; great pleasant personality, very approachable, friendly… you name it! Small in size but big in package, want someone who can make your time & efft wth it? Yeah, look no further, she is a must try! Treat her well and you may discover some hidden surprises too.
2023-07-12 13:39车厘子 Says:
2023-07-11 14:16My YOYO Says:

The service of this little baby is very good. I love her so much. She is very tight and small. As mentioned above, it is iginal and has never been bn.
2023-07-10 19:51假如我们一起 Says:
2023-07-08 12:25贴心棉袄 Says:
2023-07-01 15:01我家宝宝 Says:
2023-06-30 20:49超级英雄 Says:
2023-06-28 15:45水多多 Says:
Looks 样貌/颜值 : 7/10 (Unlike photo but ok as P cannot wait anyme) Body 身材 : 7/10 (big butt f sound effect) Boobs 胸部 : C (not firm) Kissing 接吻 : 10/10 French (have a sweet smell) Catbath 全身漫游 : 8/ 10 BBBJ 无套口交 : 9/10 Painting 舔鲍鱼 : Did not do. FJ 爱爱 : 9/10 (Tight and Wet) GFE 女朋友感 : 9/ 10 Massage 按摩 : nil Experience 整体 : 8 / 10 RTF/RTM 回头率 : no Remarks 评语 : 态度很好, 女友感觉,很多水。
2023-06-18 01:59Like me Says:
The little girl who serves very seriously, is very polite, has a sweet voice, and is really good at bedtime. She is a little lolita, and my brother will love you very much. I often go to your baby
2023-06-13 17:47后时代 Says:
2023-06-13 13:20Jk Says:
2023-06-12 18:57Da Says:
True looking babe coming to find her over and over again. I think she is damn hot as she is. Already been back f multiple times already. Happy coming to find her actually
2023-06-10 11:32love Says:
Best of all so far. Good service willing to chat and play around. 100% return rate.
So far this the most pretty one I ever found. True GEM.
BJ:8/10 with ball suckling
FJ:8/10 wet wet.

Try urself if u don’t believe.
2023-06-09 13:22 Says:
2023-06-07 20:02Ken Says:
2023-06-06 21:48好人 Says:
2023-06-03 21:02油腻的帅哥 Says:
2023-05-31 10:26大哥哥 Says:
2023-05-31 10:22大哥哥 Says:
2023-05-30 10:42发达 Says:
小美女逼逼水很多舔她的小鲍鱼 水很快就流岀来了让我有想喝的冲动插进去的时候她的叫声和跟着节奏配合我扭动的臀部把我征服了很快她便用阴道使劲顶住我的龟头,我知道她的高潮即将来袭‘没一分钟我也喷射给她了‘高潮退去’她温柔的抱着我‘含情脉脉的看着我‘我知道她爽爆了’我也太满足了
2023-05-25 21:15lolo Says:
The service is good and the blowjob technique is also very good. find her next time
2023-05-23 15:52 Says:
2023-05-20 17:37东哥 Says:
2023-05-15 19:56录客 Says:
2023-05-04 01:18 Says:
2023-05-01 16:21Ben Says:
Looks: somehow looks different from the photos, maybe too much meitu.

Price stated is entrance fee. Don\t expect her to do any service unless u top up.wont reject type.
Body: young, slim and tight
Breast: C cup with nice nipples good to suckle
FJ: very tight, not sure whether I even manage to went inside

Environment: not very clean, towel has smell

2023-04-17 18:26kkk Says:
Looks : 9/10 Same as photo, pretty. Boobs : Natural C+ Nice Body : Sexy, fair, smooth Massage : 9/10 Sensual, Patient, No rush GFE : Excellent, like your girl friend. RTF : Yes
2023-04-17 18:26kkk Says:
Looks : 9/10 Same as photo, pretty. Boobs : Natural C+ Nice Body : Sexy, fair, smooth Massage : 9/10 Sensual, Patient, No rush GFE : Excellent, like your girl friend. RTF : Yes
2023-04-17 13:42云与海 Says:
2023-04-17 13:42云与海 Says:
2023-04-16 08:57靓仔 Says:
2023-04-16 00:07大大 Says:

Looks 样貌/颜值 : 9/10 照片和真人 会比较喜欢真人
Body 身材 : 8/10 带一点肉肉
Boobs 胸部 : 8/10 B - C 不会很大 很好摸
Kissing 接吻 : 10/10 无话可说!! French like no tomrow
Catbath 全身漫游 : 10/10
AR 毒龙 : 9/10 卫生处理很好 也很爽!!
BBBJ 无套口交 : 10/10 上下都有,也长时间。很爽!!
Painting 舔鲍鱼 : NA
FJ 爱爱 : 10/10 给她来五次 (知道什么意思了 LOL!!)
GFE 女朋友感 : 10/10 抱着一起边亲边谈女朋友 feel gao gao!!

Overall Experience 整体 : 10/10 来找她大概 5点多没什么人所以服务可以久 爽到好像被强奸一直要一直搞 还加钟

DMG 收费 : $300 (加钟)
RTF/RTM 回头率 : 会!!
2023-04-15 01:46handsome Says:
ooks: innocent and nmal looking

Body: 7.5. soft and natural boobs

Personality/ GFE: 9. Smiles alot, two thumbs up.

BBBJ: 9.5. Excellent.feels good and shiok.

Moaning: 9 enjoyable and shiok expression

FJ: 8.5. Tried doggy and missionary. Stereo and eye contact during missionary was outstanding, very good experience. Bonus points f that.

Summary: Very sweet and takes care of you. Easy to get along. Really enjoyed the BBBJ and was very pleasantly surprised by the GFE and eye contact. Two thumbs up.
2023-04-13 17:29我要你 Says:
2023-04-13 01:27大卫 Says:
Service was absolutely good. Any requests u want, just tell her and she will provide you. Super good frenching and bbbj, a gem not to miss f the price, highly recommended. Couldn’t hold myself and shot everything on her body. Please treat her with care and love
2023-04-12 01:20天然哥 Says:

2023-04-12 00:10大宝贝 Says:

2023-04-10 17:55love love Says:

Looks: 9/10 (pretty similar to photo)
GFE: 10/10 (One of the best services out there, can understand why she\\\\s S tier)
Body: 9/10 (Meat in the right places, especially that ass!!)
Frenching: 10/10 (Fantastic!!)
Bbbj: 10/10 (Superb, got devoured!!!)
Painting: 10/10 (clean, no smell, very wet!!!)
Fj: 1000/10 (Best experience, enjoyed it and very contented!!)
Rtf: Definitely will, without a doubt!! friend who want buy Viagra(Calis,Kamagra,Dapoxetin,sildenafil ) add wechat id :yindudaigou688
Alice is really the queen of all the girls I\\\\ve dated, she really goes all out to please you to make you a happy and satisfied customer! Highly recommended and please suppt!! Only thing I regret is not booking her earlier!!!
2023-04-10 15:28崇拜你的男人 Says:
2023-04-10 01:51宏图 Says:
服务很好 妹子很健谈 下次还要

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