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按摩女揉 捏 推,把蛋蛋和前列腺附近的筋脉,肌肉组织,血液循环都打通, 抓龙筋与前列腺 欢迎预约
按摩女揉 捏 推,把蛋蛋和前列腺附近的筋脉,肌肉组织,血液循环都打通, 抓龙筋与前列腺 欢迎预约1

Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 冰冰 Bing Bing(5716号)

Age 年龄 : 24 Years Old

Height 身高 : 163cm

Boobs 胸围 : 36C

Room 包房


Little India 小印度

$120Massage/60mins + HJ 按摩飞机泰国抓龙筋+前列腺高潮+口爆

$180Massage/60mins + 前列腺高潮+女王

8408 4523

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



Characteristic Service/特色服务



A:百度词条对抓龙筋的手法原理是这样解释的,通过古手法,揉 捏 推,把蛋蛋和前列腺附近的筋脉,肌肉组织,血液循环都打通,以提高性方面的整体提高




A:百度词条描述再按摩前列腺的过程中,会产生快感甚至高潮。大部分实践前列腺快感的人是通过结合JJ刺激,使得前列腺快感叠加再JJ快感上 产生加倍快感,


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       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-12-02 12:25WSD Says:
Clean, comftable, and skilled in massage! 10/10!
2023-11-05 01:07独孤 Says:
2023-10-15 14:11芒果 Says:
2023-10-11 21:41沸腾人生 Says:
2023-08-26 00:00MiloDinosuar Says:
Saw this lady this afternoon
Good looking milf. Licked my whole body, cannot tahan.
She will poke your butt hole, because it is my first time, I felt uncomftable.

Looks: 9/10
Body: 9/10
GFE: 10/10
Massage: 8/10
HJ: 9/10
BJ: 9/10
RTM: F sure
2023-08-24 16:19 Says:
照片是本人,小姐姐特别好看,身材也很好。 抓根技术很厉害,还有各调情,各种手法 小姐姐刚来新加坡不久,服务也很好 地方也很好找就在地铁站旁边
2023-08-24 16:19 Says:
照片是本人,小姐姐特别好看,身材也很好。 抓根技术很厉害,还有各调情,各种手法 小姐姐刚来新加坡不久,服务也很好 地方也很好找就在地铁站旁边
2023-08-24 16:13四哥 Says:
照片是本人,小姐姐特别好看,身材也很好。 抓根技术很厉害,还有各调情,各种手法 小姐姐刚来新加坡不久,服务也很好 地方也很好找就在地铁站旁边
2023-07-31 10:08ALEX Says:
Had great time screwing this whe
2023-08-21 00:24天堂真的很好 Says:
2023-08-21 00:22天堂真的很好 Says:
2023-06-07 20:46hong Says:
2023-07-26 03:07有缘惜缘,无缘随缘 Says:
2023-05-20 23:54肥猫 Says:
Nice big boobs and beautiful eyes. Looks like a local celebrity.
I am sure Bros who watch local channels know who.
Zua Gen skills not bad.
Overall satisfied with service.
2023-05-19 06:53Gege Says:
Once oiled, her deep valleys are good f my hot rod. The push tiwards her chin well met by her slutty tongue flicking like an inquisitive cobra, is so satisfying. But I successfully resisted her ebil attempts to fce my ejaculation. I gradually make my way down her flat belly. She twitched several times I massaged clit and it didn\t take a few rubs at her pink pussy fir her to start waterung. I rested my thumb in circular rotation on her sensitive clit, and combined with my 2 fingers opened to an inverted Vee stroke on both sides of her vaguna opening. This caused her to arch up and tremble in delight. She half closed her fluttering eyes and bit her lips in deep tension. Making her on the brink of climax bring me satisfaxtion. She cupped her hands on her elongated nipples and tuned it like on a radio. I saw her jerk and collapse a useless heap. The flow was heavy and her vagina is pink and swollen. She pretended to climb up, but her weak knees was too woobly. I made her feel like a hungry women 3 times within the hour until she admitted she was ashamed she enjoyed me me than I Feeling gratufied, she put my bulbous dick her warm mouth abd sucked it fiercely every time it exited, she wiuld chase it with her tongue flicks. I exploded and watched my spunk shoot her face. It is the highest relief a man could have and I want every reader to know this hot woman likes Sex.
2023-06-11 13:39marty Says:
How much f FJ?
It is not advertised.
2023-05-18 10:43soon Says:
Hot sexy milf, similar to the photos. Met her twice already. First timer trying SM with her. Really no regrets, I was nervous but she was very accommodating and reassuring during the session. Welcomes all kinds of fetishes and kinks and will try her best to fulfill them. Her place is clean and cozy, has a red light to set the mood. Thank you Kele!!!!
2023-05-14 21:39Roy Says:
Looks: 9/10 Beautiful milf
Body: 9/10 Boobs are fantastic. Big and natural. Soft to touch.
SM Session: 8.5/10 Kinky and steamy session with her. Bro’s here should try out definitely money well spent. She have a wide array of equipments ready f y’all to bow down and call her queen. ☺️
Juagen(Prostate Stimulation): 10/10 I have never had this kind of mind blowing experience. She was patient and not those kind of manual HJ you would received from sleazy massage parlour.
Personality: 10/10 Down to earth kind of girl and definitely humble. She treats you like her own boyfriend and show utmost care and concern on your well being☺️
2023-05-14 21:33傲慢男人 Says:
2023-05-13 14:45wolf warri Says:
I had experienced the most comftable time with Bingbing. She is really a gem. She is gentle and not a time watcher. Definitely will come back again.
2023-05-07 10:57工程师 Says:
Today visited Bing Bing, location is convinent and her room is clean and spacious, great f SM and massage services. She looks exactly similar to the photo. A beautiful lady with good skin complexion as well as good service attitude. Not a time rusher, the time spent there is very comftable, I will be her regular f sure.
2023-05-06 18:06老实人 Says:
Today visited BingBing, location is easy to find and convinent, I entered the room I saw a beautiful and friendly lady exactly similar to the photos here. Room is clean and spacious with good air quality. She will provide sservices to what I needs, very professional too. Service attitude is good and not a time rusher. Skin complexion is ffair and smooth, very happy and comftable during the whole hour. Will be her regular customer f sure.
2023-04-25 12:48ok Says:
一定要试一试 美女的抓跟
2023-04-20 18:20小天 Says:
2023-04-20 07:00 Says:
Went there yesterday, very nice service and attitude. Had a good chat as well! Highly recommended!
2023-04-10 13:51keke Says:
Place is easily accessible by mrt by car with a big carpark with ample parking nearby. Enjoyed her juagen and massage which is done skillfully. My aches and pain were all relived after just one session. A friendly and demure masseur you definitely do not want to miss.

Looks: 9/10
Body: 9/10
GFE: 9/10
Massage: 9/10
HJ: 9/10
BJ: 9/10
RTM: Definitely back f me juagen
2023-04-09 13:01 Says:
2023-04-06 17:33Raymond Says:
Defiantly the best of the best service that you can get, great looks and big boobs, her juagen is so good, skills 100%
2023-04-02 11:37小亮 Says:
样貌looks:9/10 (本人和照片一样)
2023-03-31 10:21四哥 Says:

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