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天然E杯 火辣魔鬼身材皮肤雪滑 超激动的深情爱爱
天然E杯 火辣魔鬼身材皮肤雪滑  超激动的深情爱爱1

Come from where 来自哪里:

Name 姓名 : 白白 BaiBai【6199号】

Age 年龄 : 21 Years Old

Height 身高 : 160cm

Boobs 胸围 : 38E

Room & CD Included 包房包套


Balestier 马里士它

$150/1Shot 1次/60mins FJ

8312 2063

Please quote seen from momo! 请说陌陌时代看见的!



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       Please reject if not same person. Pay only when you meet in person.


2023-12-01 19:39多恩 Says:
白白真是个宝藏女孩,第一次遇到了无可挑剔的女孩,可爱,服务又好!和她在一起,很享受 还会
2023-11-30 16:19刘川 Says:
2023-11-23 01:45Quentin Says:
I left the place refreshed and satisfied. She was very cooperative. Money was well spend and wth. I will definitely return to fuck. Those who like petite lady who is willing to please , she will be a choice. Quickly, make an appointment with her now.
2023-11-16 15:58Dawei Says:
Came to find her just now, her service is as good as those expensive escts out there. Pretty face and young, its not like those look pretty on ads but real life looks different. She really looks like the same as the pics shown. Was in the room, she already began licking my nipples haha! Totally enjoyed that and I managed to play ,Almost cum inside her mouth that time. FJ is even better, tight pussy and ram real hard. Experience gets better and better over time. Will come back f me next week. Highly recommended, you guys will love it.
2023-11-09 14:03Avery Says:
The beauty has a perfect figure and temperament. She was recommended by a friend. She looks like a girlfriend. The whole process of service is very comftable and exciting. The best experience in Singape, it is very wthwhile! !
2023-11-09 13:59Albert Says:
She looks like the photos very beautiful and sexy
2023-11-02 22:22杰克 Says:
2023-10-27 14:51Aayon Says:
Pretty , nice body and breasts, tight pussy. Very wth.
2023-10-26 20:25Knight Says:

Sweet friendly babe, very easy to talk to her and her body is amazing, make me cum so fast! High GFE! Can’t wait to date her again
2023-10-25 02:24阿方索 Says:
2023-10-23 22:05小伙 Says:
年轻大奶妹 独龙+口活+按摩
2023-10-23 21:42兰恩 Says:
2023-10-22 23:01西莫 Says:
2023-10-22 22:17simo Says:
喜洋洋 Says:
2023-10-09 15:44Tom Says:
Seriously good! Freching, ass licking , full body licking wow just
2023-10-03 16:14杰克 Says:
2023-10-03 16:09杰克 Says:
2023-09-27 19:48大兵 Says:
新来的小妹 甜美可爱 服务一流 物有所值
2023-09-25 21:36Boy Says:
Greeted with great smile. A bubbly lady. I Left this place a happy man. Smooth skin and big boobs. BBBJ and CIM in less than 5min and finished with some Thai massage.
2023-09-25 16:45PeOn Says:
Solid Service Level. Location is easy and discreet. Great f new bonksters who\s new to FLs.

Reach location and payment befe settling down in a room. Wash clean clean and just lie down and wait. The anticipation is high with the right lightings.

This is my 2nd visit FR as this GEM is a must recommend.

Knock Knock and she greeted me with a bow and a smile. Melts anyone\s heart f sure. And her headlights will definitely capture your attention. Asked to lie faced down and the adventure begins.

Starts massaging and relaxing your body with her magic fingers. And befe you know it, you will feel those Boobs sliding across your back and and even down to your butts and legs. Feelings so surreal you need to try it out yourself.

Next up would be part of the one dragon service where she will use her mouth and lips and glide across your back and butt. Anywhere her boobs glides befe, her mouth will follow through. Not much girls will do such service and even if they do, it wouldn\t be as shiok as her skill. This is indeed an enjoyable moment where not much girls would be able to provide.

I request to turn around as i can\t wait to see her do her stuffs. Turned around and she continues to use her soft E on my front as she licks and sucks on my nipples befe slowly going down south where my little brother is already stand high.

Asked f a BBBJ and its another highlight. Her soft lips and tougue does wonder yet again and the stiffness of my little brother sure reached it MAX.

Asked to caps on as the stiffness of my brother can\t wait to enter her pussy. The wetness of her pussy makes entry so smooth and natural that makes you fee like making LOVE with your lover.

Missionary is my favite as i can pump and watch those soft E swaying with my motion. And her moans will excite you further and the urge to explode is so intense that i did a few last thrust befe unloading my armies.

Cleaned up and gave her tips befe she leaves the room.

PS, i did gave her 50 tips on my first visit as her service level is definitely above the damage. And since i know i will RTF, always good to leave a good impression if the service level exceeds expectations.
2023-09-24 23:11大卫 Says:
2023-09-24 00:25鲍勃 Says:
非常年轻漂亮 20出头 刚刚到来的新人 身材颜值一流 真胸服务好细心 不赶时间 强烈推荐 值得一试

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